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Minnesota Certified Surg Techs- We need your help to pass surgical technologist legislation!
This week, the Chair of the House Health Policy Committee, Representative Tina Liebling, is deciding whether or not to schedule the surgical technologist legislation for a vote.
We need to make this issue important to her!
Since you do not live or work in her district it's not appropriate to call Representative Tina Liebling directly.  However, you can ask YOUR state representative to speak with Representative Tina Liebling to ask her to schedule our surgical technologist patient safety legislation for a vote.
Please select the link below to immediately call your state representative to ask him or her to support the surgical technologist legislation and to ask your state representative to ask Representative Liebling to schedule it for a vote in the House Health Policy Committee. There are 17 health professional bills like ours and only a few will get scheduled for a vote. 
It's easy and only takes a few minutes.  Just select the link, enter basic information and you're given a script.  You can leave a message after hours.  You will be given the office phone number.
Representative Liebling represents Rochester, Mayo St. Mary's and Mayo Rochester Methodist, so if you know anyone who lives or works there, whether they're a tech or not, please have them call her directly.
If you would like more information, visit  https://www.ast.org/Public_Policy/Map_of_State_Laws/ or contact governmentaffairs@ast.org.

Please select the link and call now or you will forget. Aeger Primo!  The Patient First!

Click the link below to log in and make your call:

Thank you for wanting to be more involved in your



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